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Possessed Survivor is one of the Bosses found in MilMo.


 • You need the Alien Watchamajigger.png Alien WatchamajiggerAlien WatchamajiggerThis looks like it might unlock something, but what?Alien Watchamajigger.png to get on your ship through the glowing teleport on an islet on Visitor Island.


 • Summon Energy Balls: Summons 3 energy balls that cannot be defeated and hurts you. Just run away from them.

 • Energy Beam: When he raises his hand he loads up an energy beam that does 2½ Health Points damage to you, when he's about to fire just run around and it won't hit you.


 • The boss is sitting in the middle of the boss-room and will not move from there at any time. He will regularly summon three energyballs that will chase you around, if you manage to stay away from the energyballs for long enough then they will disappear. When the balls have disappeared then you have a few seconds on you to attack the boss (you can of course attack the boss at any time, but it is a lot harder to do so when being chased around by the energy-balls).

 • Going around in circles while attacking with a ranged weapon is the best strategy, as you will avoid the Energy Balls and the Energy Beam.


The Possessed Survivor guards the passage to the Alien Ruins below him, after defeated a hole will open and jumping in it you go to the Alien Ruins.

Possessed Survivor Loot

This is the list of all items that can be obtained by defeating Possessed Survivor:

Item (Amount) Probability
Corrupted Gem.png Corrupted Gem (1-5) 80%
Gems.png Gem (1-8) 80%
Mechanical Claw.png Mechanical Claw (1) 100%
Gems.png Gem (Large) (1-3) 100%
Ray Gun Housing.png Ray Gun Housing (1-3) 100%
Bubble Dome Converter.png Bubble Dome Converter (1) 1%

In other languages

Language Name
English English Possessed Survivor
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Sobrevivente Possuído
Spanish Spanish (LA) Sobreviviente Poseído
French French Survivant Possédé
German German Besessener Überlebender
Polish Polish Opętany Rozbitek
Romanian Romanian Supraviețuitor Posedat
Swedish Swedish Besatt Överlevare
Miniature Possessed Survivor.png Possessed Survivor Miniature Cave Skull.png Cave Skull Miniature Giga-Knight.png Giga-Knight Miniature Dread Smasher.png Dread Smasher Miniature Dread Summoner.png Dread Summoner Miniature The No-Brainer.png The No-Brainer Miniature The Mechalon.png The Mechalon