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A quest is a task given to a player character that tells the lore of MilMo and yields a reward when completed. Most quests are given by by an NPC (non-player character) or from completing a previous quest (chain quest). Until you reach the maximum level, a quest will also reward you with Experience Points (XP).

There are currently more than 600 quests in MilMo, 945 quests currently on the wiki.

Quest variations

Quests can range from talking to a certain NPC, unearthing a hidden treasure, or defeating monsters.

Most standard quest tasks take one of the following forms with a variety of quest objectives:

  • Gather a number of items and return them to the quest giver or some other NPC.
  • Kill a number of monsters and return to the quest giver or another NPC.
  • Deliver an item from the quest giver to another NPC.
  • Kill a number of monsters, loot a single quest item or several quest items from them, and return with the quest item(s) to the quest giver or another NPC.
  • Find and speak to an NPC, which usually leads to a subsequent quest. When such quests are designed to have the sole purpose of leading a player from one area to another.
  • Find a container item, loot an item in it and return to the quest giver or another NPC.
  • Explore a particular region or area and return to the quest giver or some other NPC.

Identifying quest givers

You can identify quest giving NPCs and World Objects from indicators over their heads:

  • New Quest.png indicates an available quest.
  • Quest in progress.png indicates an in-progress (un-completed) quest that you still have requirements to meet.
  • Quest Complete.png indicates a completed quest (you have met its requirements).

Managing the quest log

Currently active quests are listed with their status and details in the Quest Log. Click the IconQuest.png icon or press L to open your Quest Log and see which Quests you have active. You can make an active Quest display its name and goals below the browser by clicking the Make Active button.

Quests log interface

Abandoning quests

Currently Quests can not be abandoned.

Quest rewards

Most rewards take the form of items, gems or coins, but some quests (especially classes-specific ones) give Abilities. Some of the more desirable reward items include Converters. All quests tend to include XP as part of the reward. Completing quests also ensures the receiving of Medals, see Medals/Questing and Medals/Summer Tide Saga - Miscellaneous for more information.

List of quests

The following categories pages lists all quests in MilMo, separated by categories.