Red Button is a Item in MilMo.

How to Obtain

Red Button can be obtained in the following ways:

Found at the following Areas:

Area (Event) Location Probability Spawn Interval
Crawlspace.png Crawlspace Digging: (near the soccer ball) ~11%
30 seconds
Mice & Maniax.png Mice & Maniax Digging: (Underground Mice & Maniax) ~1%
10 seconds

Used in

Red Button has the following uses:

In other languages

Language Name
Flag-en.png English Red Button
Flag of Brazil.png Portuguese (BR) Botão Vermelho
CELAC Flag.png Spanish (LA) Botón Rojo
French Republic Flag.png French Red Button
Germany Flag.png German Roter Knopf
Flag of Poland.png Polish Czerwony Guzik
Flag of Romania.png Romanian Nasture Roșu
Kingdom of Sweden Flag.png Swedish Red Button
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