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Seastar Resort
Seastar Resort
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"Seastar Resort is a legendary hangout and shopping paradise. Try the famous café - or the ice cream bar!"

Seastar Resort is a Area in MilMo.


Perhaps it's time for a vacation! This is the Seastar Resort, get-away destination of choice for weary adventurers.

Travel Connections

Exploration Tokens



  • None


Item (Event) Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Crystal Egg.png Crystal Egg
(Spring Fling)
120 seconds
Lotus Egg.png Lotus Egg
(Spring Fling)
120 seconds


  • None


Creature (Event) Amount Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Green Present.png Green Present
11 ~33% 60 seconds
Blue Present.png Blue Present
11 ~33% 60 seconds
Red Present.png Red Present
11 ~33% 60 seconds
Scary Bug.png Scary Bug
9 ~100% 10 seconds
Miniature Jack O'Lantern (Container).png Jack O'Lantern (Container)
7 ~100% 30 seconds
Vampire Bat.png Vampire Bat
20 ~100% 20 seconds



 • Bella.png Bella (The Sun Parade)
 • Rosemary.png Rosemary (Halloween)
 • Fallen Heroes Statue.png Fallen Heroes Statue (Fallen Heroes)
 • Morris.png Morris (Sea Festival)
 • Konrad.png Konrad (Alchemy Event)
 • Pumpkin Trader.png Pumpkin Trader (Halloween)
 • Karhu.png Karhu (Winterfest)
 • Shopkeeper 01.png Shopkeeper
 • Shopkeeper 02.png Cashier
 • Siegfried's Journal.png Raoul's Notes
 • Bellhop.png Bellhop
 • Chloe.png Chloe
 • Bartender.png Bartender
 • Captain.png Captain
 • 32px Helm
 • Alchemy Gazette.png Modern Piracy, Issue 7
 • Raoul.png Raoul
 • Fletcher.png Fletcher (Spring Fling)
 • Spike.png Spike (The Legend of Toothless Jack)

In other languages

Language Name
English English Seastar Resort
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Resort Coral
Spanish Spanish (LA) Balneario Estrella de Mar
French French Résort du Soleil
German German Seestern Resort
Polish Polish Seastar Resort
Romanian Romanian Stațiunea Seastar
Swedish Swedish Seastar Resort
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