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Silent Cozyville, Part 3 is a Quest in MilMo.

Quest Introduction Dialogue

Rosemary.png Rosemary: Without anything scary it won't look convincing. I'm sure you've seen the SCARY BUGS that are crawling around here? I want you to CATCH 25 SCARY BUGS, and I'll give you the PUMPKIN HAT CONVERTER. 


SEASTAR RESORT: Catch 25 SCARY BUGS. They can be found on SEASTAR RESORT. Return to ROSEMARY.



Rosemary.png Rosemary: Use your NET to catch 25 SCARY BUGS. They're all over the place! 

Progress/Completion Thoughts

  • Scary Bug.png Scary Bug: That's the last bug. Oops, I squished one!:

Quest Completion Dialogue

Rosemary.png Rosemary: Excellent. Here you have the converter. I think it needs more scary things though. 

In other languages

Language Name
English English Silent Cozyville, Part 3
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Vila Aconchegante Silenciosa, Parte 3
Spanish Spanish (LA) Villa Cómoda silenciosa, Parte 3
French French Silent Cozyville, Part 3
German German Silent Cozyville, Part 3
Polish Polish Silent Cozyville, Part 3
Romanian Romanian Cozyville Tăcută, Partea 3
Swedish Swedish Silent Cozyville, Part 3
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