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Silent Cozyville, Part 4 is a Quest in MilMo.

Quest Introduction Dialogue

Rosemary.png Rosemary: Use the converter you just got to create a PUMPKIN HAT. Perhaps you need to add more scary stuff to it. Maybe you should catch some of the BABY BATS that are flying around here. When you're done, put it on and try talking to that SCARECROW again. 


SEASTAR RESORT: Use the converter to create your PUMPKIN HAT, then put it on and talk to the SCARECROW in COZYVILLE.



Rosemary.png Rosemary: Use your CONVERTER to create the PUMPKIN HAT, then put it on and talk to the SCARECROW. 

Progress/Completion Thoughts

In other languages

Language Name
English English Silent Cozyville, Part 4
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Vila Aconchegante Silenciosa, Parte 4
Spanish Spanish (LA) Villa Cómoda silenciosa, Parte 4
French French Silent Cozyville, Part 4
German German Silent Cozyville, Part 4
Polish Polish Silent Cozyville, Part 4
Romanian Romanian Cozyville Tăcută, Partea 4
Swedish Swedish Silent Cozyville, Part 4
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