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Sinister Lockbox is one of Lockboxes found in MilMo.

How to Obtain

Lockboxes can be dropped, meaning it can be gained from any Monster, Boss, Container or through digging.

Dropped by the following Monsters:

Related Medals

Opening any type of Lockboxes can unlock these medals:

Sinister Lockbox Opened.png Sinister Lockbox Loot

This is the list of all items that can be obtained on Sinister Lockbox:

Item Amount
Gems.png Gem 25000
Gems.png Gem 10000
Gems.png Gem 5000
Arrow.png Arrow 250
Cell.png Cell 100
Arrow.png Arrow 100
Cell.png Cell 50
Corrupted Gem.png Corrupted Gem 30
Coins.png Coins 25
Corrupted Gem.png Corrupted Gem 20
Coins.png Coins 10
Corrupted Gem.png Corrupted Gem 10
Sinister Key.png Sinister Key 2
Lock Box Key.png Lock Box Key 2
Sinister Goggles.png Sinister Goggles 1
Sinister Wings.png Sinister Wings 1
Sinister Ring.png Sinister Ring 1
Sinister Bands.png Sinister Bands 1
Sinister Crown.png Sinister Crown 1
Sinister Wand.png Sinister Wand 1
Sinister Bow.png Sinister Bow 1
Sinister Gun.png Sinister Gun 1
Sinister Hammer.png Sinister Hammer 1
Sinister Axe.png Sinister Axe 1
Sinister Blade.png Sinister Blade 1
Sinister Goggles Converter.png Sinister Goggles Converter 1
Sinister Wings Converter.png Sinister Wings Converter 1
Sinister Ring Converter.png Sinister Ring Converter 1
Sinister Bands Converter.png Sinister Bands Converter 1
Sinister Crown Converter.png Sinister Crown Converter 1
Sinister Wand Converter.png Sinister Wand Converter 1
Sinister Bow Converter.png Sinister Bow Converter 1
Sinister Gun Converter.png Sinister Gun Converter 1
Sinister Hammer Converter.png Sinister Hammer Converter 1
Sinister Axe Converter.png Sinister Axe Converter 1
Sinister Blade Converter.png Sinister Blade Converter 1
Sinister Skull.png Sinister Skull 1
Sinister Scroll.png Sinister Scroll 1
Sinister Flower.png Sinister Flower 1
Sinister Fish.png Sinister Fish 1
Sinister Orb.png Sinister Orb 1

In other languages

Language Name
English English Sinister Lockbox
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Caixa Trancada Sinistra
Spanish Spanish (LA) Caja Siniestra bajo Llave
French French Sinister Lockbox
German German Unheimliche verschlossene Box
Polish Polish Złowroga Skrytka
Romanian Romanian Cutie Sinistră
Swedish Swedish Sinister Lockbox
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