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Spool of Thread is a Item in MilMo.

How to Obtain

Spool of Thread can be obtained in the following ways:

Obtained through the following Converters:

Used in

Spool of Thread has the following uses:

Used as material in the following Converters:
Easychair Converter.png Easychair Converter
Sun Parade Mask Converter.png Sun Parade Mask Converter
Square Necklace Converter.png Square Necklace Converter
Vintage Pilot Cap Converter.png Vintage Pilot Cap Converter
Vintage Pilot Jacket Converter.png Vintage Pilot Jacket Converter
Vintage Pilot Pants Converter.png Vintage Pilot Pants Converter

In other languages

Language Name
Flag-en.png English Spool of Thread
Flag of Brazil.png Portuguese (BR) Carretel de Linha
CELAC Flag.png Spanish (LA) Carrete de Hilo
French Republic Flag.png French Spool of Thread
Germany Flag.png German Spool of Thread
Flag of Poland.png Polish Szpula Nici
Flag of Romania.png Romanian Papiota
Kingdom of Sweden Flag.png Swedish Spool of Thread
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