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Star Tokens are an additional feature only available to Membership players. It is hidden in all the different islands and levels, just like Coins and Exploration Tokens, and after picking it up, it gives you amount of coins depending on its' color. It will reappear in a random place after a week.

There are four types of Star Tokens, just like there are 4 types of Memberships. If you don't collect your Star Token in 2 weeks, its' value of Coins will increase by 5, and it can go up to 45 weeks which then gives you 225 Coins.

Types of Star Tokens[]

  • Star Token Blue.png Blue Star Tokens gives you 15 Coins
  • Star Token Green.png Green Star Tokens gives you 20 Coins.
  • Star Token Yellow.png Gold Star Tokens gives you 25 Coins.
  • Star Token Red.png Red Star Tokens gives you 30 coins to 225 Coins.

Frequently Asked Questions[]

Should I let the star accumulate more coins?[]

No! Because every week you do not collect 1 star you lose 10 coins.

I can not find a Star. Where is it?[]

Since stars appear in random locations every week, it is impossible to tell you where it is. There is, however, the possibility that they stay close to places where coins usually stay.

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