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Super Jump is a General Ability in MilMo.

Use Effect

When used, Super Jump gives the following effect: Increases jump height by 280%. (Max Stack:3).

How to Obtain

Purchased at the following Shops:

NPC Price
Shopkeeper (ShopNPC1).png Shopkeeper 540000 Gem (Gem).png GemGemA shiny gem! Good for trading.Gem.png
Kim's Workout Book.png Kim's Workout Book 600000 Gem (Gem).png GemGemA shiny gem! Good for trading.Gem.png

In other languages

Language Name
English English Super Jump
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Super Pulo
Spanish Spanish (LA) Super Salto
French French Super Jump
German German Super Jump
Polish Polish Super Skok
Romanian Romanian Super Săritură
Swedish Swedish Super Jump
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