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This template uses Module:GameText, a script written in the Lua programming language. Please see wikipedia:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more about Lua.
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This template is used to retrieve in-game text, based on the game text database which is taken from the translation repository. It is one of the most powerful and crucial templates for the translation projects.


{{gameText|<index key>|lang=<lang>|nl2br=no|x_<name>=<value>...|y_<name>=<value>...}}

Unnamed Parameter 1

Index key for text. Same as in-game language. See examples below.

lang (optional)

Language code. Currently we have 2 main complete languages (as in-game): en/pt. and incomplete beta languages (de/es/fr/pl/ro/sv). Other lang codes will use en database.

all x_<name> and y_<name> parameters

Replacement for placeholder. There are 2 types of placeholder in the game text: {xxx} and <yyy>, indexed by x_... and y_..., respectively. See examples below.


By default, link breaks (\n) in gameText will be replaced with >br/<. If nl2br is set, it will output raw text.


Code Result
{{gameText|Abilities_DPS_1_N}} Venom Strike
{{gameText|Abilities_DPS_1_N|lang=pt}} Ataque da Víbora
{{gameText|Abilities_DPS_1_N|lang=es}} Ataque de Víbora
{{gameText|Abilities_DPS_1_N|lang=de}} Venom-Streik
{{gameText|Abilities_DPS_1_N|lang=fr}} Attaque de Vipère FAIL! (expected: Attaque de Vipèr)
{{gameText|World_7506}} Belongs to
{{gameText|World_7506|nl2br=no}} Belongs to\n{0}
{{gameText|World_13555}} I should wait until I'm level {0} to enter there.
{{gameText|World_13555|x_0=15}} I should wait until I'm level 15 to enter there.
{{gameText|World_11380}} {0} just reached Level {1}!
{{gameText|World_11380|x_0=PlayerName|x_1=21}} PlayerName just reached Level 21!

Translation databases

The following Modules hold all translations that {{GameText}} bases its output on.

Language Template
English English Module:GameText/db-en
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Module:GameText/db-pt
German German Module:GameText/db-de
Spanish Spanish (LA) Module:GameText/db-es
French French Module:GameText/db-fr
Polish Polish Module:GameText/db-pl
Romanian Romanian Module:GameText/db-ro
Swedish Swedish Module:GameText/db-sv

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