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20xArrow.png ArrowArrowAmmunition for bows.Arrow.png
20xArrow.png Arrow
200xGem (Gem).png GemGemA shiny gem! Good for trading.Gem.png
200xGem.png Gem
2000xGem (Gem).png GemGemA shiny gem! Good for trading.Gem.png
2000xGem.png Gem
Legendary Ring.png Legendary RingLegendary RingThe secrets of this ring were lost a long time ago. There's no telling what powers it holds.Legendary Ring.png
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Cowboy Hat.png Cowboy HatCowboy HatYup. That thar sure is a fine hat.Cowboy Hat.png
Military Cap.png Military CapMilitary CapSharp looking and strict.Military Cap.png
Witch Hat.png Witch HatWitch HatA real statement.Witch Hat.png
5xRunning Potion (PotionSpeed01).png Running PotionRunning PotionA potion to make you run faster for 7 seconds. Cooldown: 40 seconds. Double-click to use.Running Potion.png
10xPower Berry.png Power BerryPower BerryRestores all hearts instantly. Double-click to eat.Power Berry.png
10xBounce Berry.png Bounce BerryBounce BerryLets you jump higher for 45 seconds. Double-click to eat.Bounce Berry.png
5xRocket Berry.png Rocket BerryRocket BerryLets you jump higher and run faster for 20 seconds. Double-click to eat.Rocket Berry.png
10xQuick Berry.png Quick BerryQuick BerrySlightly increases your running and swimming speeds for 5 minutes. Double-click to activate.Quick Berry.png
10xBarracuda Berry.png Barracuda BerryBarracuda BerryQuadruples your swim speed for 60 seconds. Double-click to eat.Barracuda Berry.png
5xOcean Potion (OceanPotion).png Ocean PotionOcean PotionA potion that is supposed to make you swim faster. Double-click to activate.Ocean Potion.png
5xHealth Potion.png Health PotionHealth PotionA potion that heals you for 30 health over 60 seconds. Double-click to regain health.Health Potion.png
5xJumping Potion (PotionJump01).png Jumping PotionJumping PotionA potion to enhance your jumping for 15 seconds. Cooldown: 45 seconds. Double-click to use.Jumping Potion.png