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This template uses Module:TemplateText, a script written in the Lua programming language. Please see wikipedia:Lua and mw:Extension:Scribunto to learn more about Lua.
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This template translates a given term from English into another language, based on the translation databases. It is one of the most powerful and crucial templates for the translation projects.



First unnamed parameter

The term that is to be translated. It needs to be registered in the translation database for the target language, otherwise the template will simply display the term, untranslated.

lang (optional)

Language code. Currently supported languages: de, es, fr, pt, pl, ro, sv

x_<name> parameter

Replacement for placeholder: {xxx}, indexed by x_... . See examples below.


Code Result
{{TemplateText|Other_Languages}} In other languages
{{TemplateText|Other_Languages|lang=pt}} Em outros idiomas
{{TemplateText|WeaponPage_Desc_Weapon}} is a {0} of type {1} in MilMo.
{{TemplateText|WeaponPage_Desc_Weapon|x_0=Weapon|x_1=Sword}} is a Weapon of type Sword in MilMo.

Translation databases

The following modules pages hold all translations that {{TT}} bases its output on.

Language Module
English English Module:TemplateText/db-en
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Module:TemplateText/db-pt
German German Module:TemplateText/db-de
Spanish Spanish (LA) Module:TemplateText/db-es
French French Module:TemplateText/db-fr
Polish Polish Module:TemplateText/db-pl
Romanian Romanian Module:TemplateText/db-ro
Swedish Swedish Module:TemplateText/db-sv

See also

  • {{GameText}} for the game text functionality.
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