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The Hidden Tor
The Hidden Tor
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"Deep in the forest lies a jagged stone peak, haunted by spirits of the wicked."

The Hidden Tor is a Area in MilMo.


A great stone finger stabs at the sky ahead and the forest seems all too quiet... Heavy footfalls ahead. Death awaits on that terrible, ancient peak. Get ready!

Travel Connections

Exploration Tokens



  • None


Item (Event) Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Fleet Footed.png Fleet Footed ~100%
10 seconds


  • None


Creature (Event) Amount Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Miniature Maple Trunk.png Maple Trunk 6 ~100% 5 seconds
Miniature Dread Smasher.png Dread Smasher 1 ~100% 120 seconds
Miniature Dread Summoner.png Dread Summoner 1 ~100% 120 seconds
Miniature Hedgehog.png Hedgehog 5 ~100% 5 seconds
Miniature Corrupted Trunk.png Corrupted Trunk 6 <1% 5 seconds
Miniature Imagination Devourer.png Imagination Devourer 11 <1% 5 seconds
Miniature Wurmling.png Wurmling 6 <1% 5 seconds
Miniature Corrupted Hedgehog.png Corrupted Hedgehog 5 <1% 5 seconds


  • None


  • None

In other languages

Language Name
English English The Hidden Tor
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Tor Escondido
Spanish Spanish (LA) El Tor Oculto
French French La Tour Cachée
German German The Hidden Tor
Polish Polish The Hidden Tor
Romanian Romanian Torța ascunsă
Swedish Swedish The Hidden Tor
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