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The Landing
The Landing
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"One of the portals leading into MilMo are located here."

The Landing is a Area in MilMo.


The Landing is one of the Areas of The Horizon tutorial adventure.

The Landing has two states, one is a single-player-version for new players (World00:Level07) that just started playing (like the previous "The Brink" map) and the other state is for everyone to return to (World00:Level08). The first state have a lot of tutorials, beginner quests and the player need to defeat the mini-boss lurking around in the cave. After finishing all quests they will be teleported to the same map in it's "completed state" and can see other players. The "completed map" does not have these quests and the cave is closed.

Travel Connections

Exploration Tokens



Item (Event) Location Probability Spawn Interval
Iron Scrap.png Rusty Iron Scrap on Dig Site ~100% 10 seconds


Item (Event) Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Morning Trumpet.png Morning Trumpet ~50%
20 seconds
Chili Flower.png Chili Flower ~30%
20 seconds
Sunflower.png Sunflower ~20%
20 seconds
Twig.png Twig ~100%
10 seconds
Super Jump.png Super Jump ~100%
30 seconds


  • None


Creature (Event) Amount Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Pink Butterfly.png Pink Butterfly 18 ~5% 5 seconds
Red Butterfly.png Red Butterfly 18 ~4% 5 seconds
Blue Butterfly.png Blue Butterfly 18 ~39% 5 seconds
Medium Pink Butterfly.png Medium Pink Butterfly 18 ~3% 5 seconds
Yellow Butterfly.png Yellow Butterfly 18 ~19% 5 seconds
Dawnwing Butterfly.png Dawnwing Butterfly 18 ~19% 5 seconds
Miniature Corrupted Trunk.png Corrupted Trunk 1 ~100% 60 seconds
Miniature Archery Target.png Archery Target 3 ~100% 19 seconds
Miniature Swarming Dino.png Swarming Dino 4 ~100% 30 seconds
Miniature Corrupted Trunk.png Corrupted Trunk 2 ~100% 25 seconds
Green Butterfly.png Green Butterfly 18 ~10% 5 seconds
Small Pink Butterfly.png Small Pink Butterfly 18 <1% 5 seconds



 • The Queen.png The Queen
 • Anna the Archer (Archer).png Anna the Archer
 • Freddy the Farmer.png Freddy the Farmer
 • Rhonda.png Rhonda


In 2018, The Landing was removed and replaced with Cloud Island, then returning in January 2019.

  • On update Version 2.7.6 the old map was removed and replaced with a new version.

In other languages

Language Name
English English The Landing
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) O Porto
Spanish Spanish (LA) El Desembarco
French French Le Palier
German German The Landing
Polish Polish Desant
Romanian Romanian Aterizarea
Swedish Swedish The Landing
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