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The No-Brainer is one of the Bosses found in MilMo.


The Boss Key.png Boss KeyBoss KeyThe key to the door in Mushroom Forest.Boss Key.png is required to enter Boss Beach.png Boss Beach. Start the quest Becoming a Hero, Part One with Alexis.png Alexis on Mushroom Forest.png Mushroom Forest to get the key.


 • Spin: Spins around fast hitting everything within range. Just move away or you'll get hit. (Becomes vulnerable after this attack).

  • Claw Jab: Stretches one of his arms towards someone, if you keep moving in circles you shouldn't get hit.

  • Dance: Jumps back and forth. (Becomes vulnerable during this attack).

  • Electric beams: Shoots 3 beams one after another, they're pretty slow so if you're not right next to him they're easy to dodge.

  • Spawn add: Summons extra monsters to help out, when defeated they drop powerdowns.

 • Monsters Summoned:


 • The No-Brainer cannot be attacked directly, only during the Dance or after the Spin skill.

  • Best way to beat him is to stay away until he uses the Spin attack and has stopped spinning. When he is done spinning he will stay still for a few seconds, during this time you can attack him freely.
  • It's also recommended to use a sword or axe-like weapon instead of a bow or gun when the 'Spawn Add' attack occurs to avoid drop the Powerdowns.
  • If the player gets too far away he will start to heal quickly, get his attention to interrupt the healing process.


The No-Brainer dont drop items after defeated, it releases the monsters that are inside your capsule.

The No-Brainer Loot

This is the list of all items that can be obtained by defeating The No-Brainer:

Item (Amount) Probability
Miniature Corrupted Alien Bug.png Corrupted Alien Bug (1) 100%
Miniature Corrupted Hedgehog.png Corrupted Hedgehog (1) 100%
Miniature Corrupted Weed.png Corrupted Weed (1) 100%
Miniature Corrupted Snail.png Corrupted Snail (1) 100%
Miniature Corrupted Onion.png Corrupted Onion (1) 100%
Miniature Corrupted Trunk.png Corrupted Trunk (1) 100%
Miniature Corrupted Bird.png Corrupted Bird (1) 100%

In other languages

Language Name
English English The No-Brainer
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) O Sem Cérebro
Spanish Spanish (LA) El Sin-Cerebro
French French Le Sans-Cerveau
German German Der No-Brainer
Polish Polish Bezmózgowiec
Romanian Romanian Fără-Creier
Swedish Swedish The No-Brainer
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