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Treasure Hunt of 2012
New Quest.png
New Quest.png Start with: Maya.png Maya
Quest Complete.png End with: Maya.png Maya
Type: Fashionable Treasure Hunter.png Treasure Hunt
Navigatormap.png Starts at: Seastar Resort.png Seastar Resort
Experience: 40 Experience Points
Gems: 500 Gem.png Gem
Coins: 1 Coins
Medal: Fashionable Treasure Hunter.png Fashionable Treasure HunterFashionable Treasure HunterYou have completed the Treasure Hunt event.Fashionable Treasure Hunter.png
Item(s): Error: ("Treasure Hunter Hat Converter (Green)") does not exist on database. (1)

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Quest Introduction Dialogue

Maya.png Maya : Hi! Did we meet last year? You see, I had so much fun with the Treasure Hunt that I decided to have another one. It's really simple, actually. All you need to do is find all the items on my list and I'll give you a CONVERTER. You have to find an UNRIPE BANANA, a GREEN BRICK, GREEN SEA STAR, GREEN SPOON and a GOO-DROP FLOWER. Good luck and happy treasure hunting!


Search the world for an UNRIPE BANANA, a GREEN BRICK, GREEN SEA STAR, GREEN SPOON and a GOO-DROP FLOWER, then bring them to MAYA.



Maya.png Maya : I'm sure you can find these items close to other similar items. Like the UNRIPE BANANA, it should be found where normal bananas are. The same goes for the GREEN BRICK, GREEN SEA STAR and the GREEN SPOON. The GOO-DROP FLOWER kind of resembles a BLOOD-DROP FLOWER, but I'm not sure where you can find those.

Completion thoughts

Quest Completion Dialogue

Maya.png Maya : Did you find it all? This is amazing! Here's the converter, as promised! Thank you for participating in my Treasure Hunt! I hope I'll see you again next year.