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Version 2.6.0 was released on October 28th, 2019.[1]

Please note that these updates notes might contain errors and mix-ups with earlier patches, do not trust everything written here to be 100% correct.


Full version 2.6 patch notes

  • Unity Engine upgraded from 5.4.6f3 to 5.6.0f3
  • Quality tiers improved and overlooked and stored for each machine instead of account
  • Shadows added to most levels
  • FPS limits (30 for low/medium and 60 for high quality)
  • Various optimizations and cleanup
  • ParticleSystem changed
  • Lighting updated
  • Ready for more updates!

Quest Updates


Medal Updates


  • Upside Down.png Upside DownUpside DownReceived for defeating 25 Albino Bats.Upside Down.png
  • Hematophagus.png HematophagusHematophagusReceived for defeating 100 Albino Bats.Hematophagus.png
  • Batman.png BatmanBatmanReceived for defeating 250 Albino Bats.Batman.png
  • Creature of the Night.png Creature of the NightCreature of the NightReceived for helping Rosemary and Peter during Halloween.Creature of the Night.png

NPC/World Object Updates


Cash Shop Updates


Item Updates


  • Bat Blood.png Bat BloodBat BloodIs it from the bat or from the victim?Bat Blood.png
  • Compass.png CompassCompassYou'll never be lost again!Compass.png
  • Haunted Stone Of Shadow.png Haunted Stone Of ShadowHaunted Stone Of ShadowYour prize for completing the Halloween Event in 2019! The Haunted Stone summons ghosts to follow you for 2 minutes. Cooldown: 45 seconds. Double-click to activate.Haunted Stone Of Shadow.png
  • Sonar.png SonarSonarUse sound to find your way.Sonar.png
  • Sonar Converter.png Sonar ConverterSonar ConverterTool required: HammerHammer.pngSonar Device Manual.png Sonar Device Manual (1)Metal Plate.png Metal Plate (30)Wire.png Wire (10)Compass.png Compass (1)SonarUse sound to find your way.Sonar.png
  • Sonar Device Manual.png Sonar Device ManualSonar Device ManualVolume 1: Ultra Mega Hard Scientific Articles for the Study of High Intensity Soundwaves for GeolocationSonar Device Manual.png
  • Diablo Horns.png Diablo HornsDiablo HornsPut these on when you want to look scary!Diablo Horns.png
  • Diablo Tail.png Diablo TailDiablo TailEvil passing by.Diablo Tail.png

Unversioned Hotfix 1

An unversioned hotfix was released on October 30th, 2019.[2]
  • Fixed payment on steam.
  • visual updated.
  • Added missing halloween event item .

Unversioned Hotfix 2

An unversioned hotfix was released on Novermber 1st, 2019.[3]
  • Shop Gui is now on fullscreen!


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