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Version 2.7.7 was released on October 15th, 2021.[1]

Please note that these updates notes might contain errors and mix-ups with earlier patches, do not trust everything written here to be 100% correct.

Full Version 2.7.7 patch notes

New UI system

We started working on a new UI system that will make the whole game faster and easier to maintain and extend. A lot of bugs will be auto-solved as we replace more parts of the old UI. Parts that are ready now are the HUD, the Esc-menu and the options menu.

While developing this new UI system, we also had to implement some improved ways of keeping states in sync, triggering and reacting to events, playing audio, loading assets, handling player input and handling localization.

Players might not notice much difference at this stage besides smoother UI animations, less overhead and a new chat and menu layout.

Camera updates: Classic platformer -> Platformer MMORPG -> Classic MMORPG (a version of MMORPG that is more responsive)

  • Some weapons use default color after level switch
  • Some creatures stay red after taking damage
  • Fiends look strange when defeated
  • Faded ability bar
  • Friend list black box
  • Hide QuestLog/Bag/Profile while in another UI app (navigator/town/etc)
  • Hero potion hearts display
  • Invisible room icon in storage
  • Bugs in town shaders
  • FX overdrive on remote players (when other players use potions, the limit of effects running at the same time are ignored)
  • Heart aura low emission rate
  • Heart rocket duration
  • Ghost in the Jar and hat combination
  • Strange Legendary Wand problem (when two players have it)
  • Player can climb ladders after being defeated
  • Player can use potions when defeated
  • Getting stuck on dungeon door

Unversioned Hotfix 1

An unversioned hotfix was released on October 19, 2021.[2]

  • Parvulu gib material
  • Image quality in Horizon Navigator
  • Enable movement while hovering UI elements
  • Disable zoom when scrolling chat
  • Command to hide GUI will now hide new UI too
  • Disable class selection during PVP
  • Remove zero damage numbers in PVP
  • Bomb icon in PVP messages
  • Update: More time on chat notifications
  • Add: Translation for arena messages
  • Add: Fallback translations for the new UI
  • Add: Close trigger for shop/potions/medals tutorial
  • Add: Limit length of chat messages

Resolution updates:

  • Removed 640x480
  • Added 1024x768
  • Minimum resolution is 800x600

Use a temporary window resolution when selected full screen resolution is too big

Unversioned Hotfix 2

An unversioned hotfix was released on October 27, 2021.[3]

  • Moth closed when laughing
  • Cursor invisible during fast clicks in MMORPG mode
  • Impossible to drag/move window without moving it down the bottom of the screen
  • Ears turning yellow when wearing beta-shirt
  • Black stripe in neck when wearing Devourer Gloves
  • Other texture bleed problems: Tech Boots, various pants
  • Alien backpack should not be mixed with other backpacks

Unversioned Hotfix 3

An unversioned hotfix was released on November 24, 2021.[4]

  • LOD settings on hair in store
  • Some hair leaves the character bald after some time wearing
  • Some hair get shape of other hairstyles when wearing hats
  • Resolution bug when creating a new avatar
  • Bug in NPC Shop current currency amount not calculated making items disabled

Unversioned Hotfix 4

An unversioned hotfix was released on November 25, 2021.[5]

  • Some Mac users could not play because of some store settings and an outdated layer between MilMo & Steam.

Unversioned Hotfix 5

An unversioned hotfix was released on November 26, 2021.[6]
  • Bad word list files for Spanish
  • Cleanup and updates around packages (Unity)
  • Random exceptions around digging, level of detail, AFK players and paused assets during loading


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