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Water Lily Island
Water Lily Island
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"A lovely princess rules this lily pad kingdom. Watch out for the man-eating fish!"

Water Lily Island is a Area in MilMo.


One of the most remote islands in the world, and it had to have man-eating fish. What are the odds?

Travel Connections

Exploration Tokens



Item (Event) Location Probability Spawn Interval
Jade Statue.png Jade Statue on ground ~44% 15 seconds
Green Spoon.png Green Spoon (Treasure Hunt) on ground ~22% 15 seconds
Potsherd.png Potsherd on ground ~22% 15 seconds
Flint.png Flint on ground ~11% 15 seconds


Item (Event) Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Gloom Bloom.png Gloom Bloom ~50%
20 seconds
Purple Paintbrush.png Purple Paintbrush ~30%
20 seconds
Propeller Plant.png Propeller Plant ~20%
20 seconds
Super Jump.png Super Jump ~100%
30 seconds
Blossom Egg.png Blossom Egg
(Spring Fling)
120 seconds


Item (Event) Probability Spawn Interval
Abalone Shell.png Abalone Shell (The Sun Parade) ~6% 5 seconds
Pink Sea Star.png Pink Sea Star (Treasure Hunt) ~6% 5 seconds
Golden Sea Star.png Golden Sea Star (Winterfest) ~6% 5 seconds
Glass Float.png Glass Float ~3% 5 seconds
Piece of Glass.png Piece of Glass ~3% 5 seconds
Feather.png Feather ~2% 5 seconds
Oyster.png Oyster ~19% 5 seconds
Blue Sea Star.png Blue Sea Star (Sea Festival) ~19% 5 seconds
Spiral Shell.png Spiral Shell ~19% 5 seconds
Beach Shell.png Beach Shell ~13% 5 seconds
Fishing Glove.png Fishing Glove <1% 5 seconds
Teal Coral.png Teal Coral <1% 5 seconds
Wooden Idol.png Wooden Idol <1% 5 seconds
Sun-Bleached Fish Skull.png Sun-Bleached Fish Skull <1% 5 seconds
Shark Tooth.png Shark Tooth <1% 5 seconds
Spiny Lobster.png Spiny Lobster <1% 5 seconds
Fossil.png Fossil <1% 5 seconds
Sea Star.png Sea Star <1% 5 seconds
Green Sea Star.png Green Sea Star (Treasure Hunt) <1% 5 seconds


Creature (Event) Amount Spawn Probability Spawn Interval
Miniature Piranha.png Piranha 9 ~100% 10 seconds



 • Fallen Heroes Book 03.png Ayu in the Trench (Fallen Heroes)
 • June Shipping Co..png June Shipping Co.
 • Trisha.png Trisha

In other languages

Language Name
English English Water Lily Island
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Ilha da Vitória-Régia
Spanish Spanish (LA) Isla del Lirio Acuático
French French Île des Nénuphars
German German Seeroseninsel
Polish Polish Water Lily Island
Romanian Romanian Insula Nuferilor
Swedish Swedish Water Lily Island
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