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Where Is It?
New Quest.png
New Quest.png Start with: Oswald.png Oswald
Quest Complete.png End with: Oswald.png Oswald
Navigatormap.png Starts at: Cloud Island.png Cloud Island
Prerequisite: The Dig Site
Experience: 15 Experience Points
Gems: 50 Gems.png Gem
Item(s): Error: ("Wedding guest t-shirt") does not exist on database.

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The Dig Site Mood Swings

Quest Introduction Dialogue

Oswald.png Oswald : Oh no, oh no, oh no. Where is it? I can't believe that it's lost! Did you see a ring around here? I've been digging at the dig site all day. Would you mind helping me look for it? I'm exhausted. Here, take this shovel and see if you can find it. Try digging at the dirt mounds, that's where I was digging. If you're succeed, i will give you a reward.


Help Oswald in his quest by digging near the dirt mounds. Find 1 PLASTIC RING and bring it to him. Oswald will reward you.



Oswald.png Oswald : Just keep digging it. I'm sure you'll find it near the dirt mounds.

Completion thoughts

Plastic Ring.png Plastic RingPlastic RingA, not so valuable, wedding ringPlastic Ring.png: I found it! Better go back to Oswald.

Quest Completion Dialogue

Oswald.png Oswald : Thank you so much! I was going to propose to my girlfriend with this ring! Here take a T-Shirt, I had several of these made for the wedding. You can keep the shovel so that you can dig for more treasures.