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Who Needs Bunsen Burners? is a Quest in MilMo.

Quest Introduction Dialogue

Yellow.png Yellow: All right. The mixture needs to be heated, but I’m afraid these candles won’t do the job. The FIREPLACE in the LIVING ROOM uses a hotter-burning fuel that the mad scientist developed. It would be a great help to me if you would take the mixture to the FIREPLACE to heat it. 


LIVING ROOM: Bring the concoction to the FIREPLACE to heat it, then return to YELLOW.


  • Find Fireplace


Yellow.png Yellow: We need a very high temperature to heat this mixture. Please take it to the FIREPLACE for me. 

Progress/Completion Thoughts

  • Fireplace: Wow! The mixture heated up fast!:

Quest Completion Dialogue

Yellow.png Yellow: It looks like the cure is ready. We can’t be completely certain that it will work, so don’t get too excited. 

In other languages

Language Name
English English Who Needs Bunsen Burners?
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Quem precisa de um Bico de Bunsen?
Spanish Spanish (LA) Who Needs Bunsen Burners?
French French Who Needs Bunsen Burners?
German German Who Needs Bunsen Burners?
Polish Polish Who Needs Bunsen Burners?
Romanian Romanian Who Needs Bunsen Burners?
Swedish Swedish Who Needs Bunsen Burners?
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