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World Tour, Part 6 is a Quest in MilMo.

Quest Introduction Dialogue

Philonous.png Philonous: Got it! MUSHROOM FOREST has to be next. Try takin' that there thingamabob to the HOLEY MUSHROOM. After that, catch 20 BEES for their YELLOW STRIPES. Show 'em to the ALIEN. Come talk to me when you're done and I'll give ya 750 GEMS and 2 COINS. 


VISITOR ISLAND: Take the thingamabob to the HOLEY MUSHROOM in MUSHROOM FOREST. Collect 20 YELLOW BEE STRIPES from the BEES there, then show them to the ALIEN EDGAR. Return to PHILONOUS.


  • Find The Holey Mushroom


Philonous.png Philonous: Take that thingamabob to the HOLEY MUSHROOM in MUSHROOM FOREST, then get 20 YELLOW BEE STRIPES. Show 'em to the ALIEN, then come talk to me. I'll give ya 750 GEMS and 2 COINS. 

Progress/Completion Thoughts

  • The Holey Mushroom: The thingamabob clicked again. It must have saved the image.
  • Alien Edgar.png Edgar (Visitor Island.png Visitor Island): The mushrooms in this image seem incredibly large! Are they unusual? And do the stripes come off the bees very easily?:

Quest Completion Dialogue

Philonous.png Philonous: Thanks fer doin' all this. I bet we can get the alien t'see all the wonders of this planet. Here're yer gems an' coins. I already know where to go next! 

In other languages

Language Name
English English World Tour, Part 6
Portuguese Portuguese (BR) Turnê Mundial, Parte 6
Spanish Spanish (LA) Tour Mundial, Parte 6
French French World Tour, Part 6
German German World Tour, Part 6
Polish Polish World Tour, Part 6
Romanian Romanian Tur Mondial, Partea 6
Swedish Swedish World Tour, Part 6
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